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Zipping At Neemrana

"Basically, you just freak out, and go for it." This is the frank advice my friend gave me while I was perched atop the Neemrana zipping platform. In front of me was a 390 meters long and screaming zip line of vast landscape and tree-tops which I was to cover propelled by noting but gravity. "Ready to Zip?" asked the guide to which I nodded with butterflies in my stomach. "Clear" and "Zip away" were the next two commands shouted by the zipping guide before I took the plunge. Within seconds I was several feet down the mountain with a pulley and harness attached, as I zipped away- airborne on the thrilling experience, with the billion year old Arravali mountain range and ancient villages in the vicinity.

Zipping At Neemrana

Half way down the zip line and the feeling of enthusiasm gave way to relaxation, as I began to get hold of my senses and started to look around the spectacular aerial view of the surroundings as well as the Neemrana Fort. A classic bird's eye view. And finally the safe landing by following the basic instructions, signaling the end of my thrilling and one-of-a-kind ride.

This zipping expedition was courtesy The flying fox, the first ever aerial zip-line experience of the country, organizing zipping tours at Neemrana, the 14th century fort and one of India’s oldest heritage resorts located 120 km south-west of Delhi. Starting in 18th January 2009, flying fox zipping involves super strong steel cables meeting European safety standard with highly trained guides for the ‘zip’ lasting 2-3 hrs. An extreme adventure sport, zipping at Neemrana is now a highly sought after expedition.